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Banned Book Review: We All Fall Down

December 6, 2005

35. We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier

Reason: Challenged for rape, vulgarity, alcohol abuse and how to cover up.

I have to start off by saying that this book is creepy.  Not because of what the characters do in the book, but because a lot of the book is about where everyone’s headspace is at any given time, and there’s a lot of confused and scared people in this book.  The story begins with the trashing of a family’s home, ending in the assault of the youngest daughter when she arrives home unexpectedly.  It then moves outward, tracing the lives of the girl’s sister, one of the vandals, and a witness to the event whose life unfolds as the darkest tale of the whole lot.  It is not a lighthearted book.  The narrative is raw and evocative of Cormier’s other banned publication, The Chocolate War.  In an adult novel, it would be called “hard-hitting” and “gut wrenching.”  But because it is about and for teenagers, it is banned.  Recommended for Young Adult.

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