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Banned Book Review: Blubber

December 1, 2005

32. Blubber by Judy Blume

Reason: The characters curse and the mean-spirited ringleader is never punished for her cruelty.

Anyone who complains about the ringleader not getting punished in this book has obviously never had to experience the cruelty of little girls in social groups. She isn’t punished by the teachers or parents in the book, but she certainly got a measure of her due from the other girls in the story. But the “mean-spirited ringleader” is not the main character of this book. The main character is a girl who gets caught up in the cruelty of her classmates towards another girl, and suddenly finds that cruelty turned on her. This is by no means a book to just hand to your child. As with most Judy Blume books, this book should be discussed with your child after reading it, so that you can both work through the issues that are brought up and help them to understand why the things the girls did were wrong. Recommended for 9-12.

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