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Banned Book Review: Go Ask Alice

November 15, 2005

23. Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Reason: includes relatively explicit references to drugs and sex

Some of the controversy which revolves around Go Ask Alice is due to the supposed origins of the book.  The first page claims that the book is from the diaries of a 15 year old drug user.  Small clues throughout the book, however, indicate that at the very least some parts of it are fictional.  At one point the editorial comments indicate that several of the entries are written on undated scraps of paper, but does not explain how or why the teenager kept the scraps of paper during what was obviously a low point in her life.  Regardless, the book’s message is powerful.  The girl describes her drug highs and lows in graphic detail.  The mental state of the girl runs from high to low and back again throughout the book and the dangerous situations the girl sometimes finds herself in do well to illustrate some of the dangers of doing drugs.  Recommended for young adult.

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