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Banned Book Review: A Wrinkle in Time

November 14, 2005

22. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Reason:  challenged by fundamentalist Christians for having a New Age theme and for promoting witchcraft

The most common reaction I heard from people when the Banned Book List went around was “A Wrinkle in Time?  I loved that book!  Why is it banned?”  To be honest, I couldn’t understand why it was banned either.  Mostly because I had never read it.  Shock and horror, I know.  Now, having read through the entire book, I still don’t understand why it was banned.  The story follows a young, misunderstood girl whose family is made up of two genius parents, two highly athletic younger brothers, and one super genius baby brother.  Her father has been missing for several years and the girl sets off with her youngest brother and a school friend to go find him.  Other than the fact that the story involves pan-dimensional travel, a pulsating malevolent brain, and little old ladies that turn into winged centaurs, the plot is perfectly normal for a young adult book.  The book is often analyzed as one giant religious allegory, which makes the fundamentalist protests just that much more ironic.  Recommended for young adults, still enjoyable for adults.

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