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Banned Book Review: Earth’s Children (series)

November 10, 2005

20. Earth’s Children (Series) by Jean M. Auel

Reason: vulgar, profane, and sexually explicit

The Earth’s Children Series is comprised of six books.  The storyline follows a young cro-magnon girl who is rescued from certain death by a clan of neanderthals and the ordeals she goes through while trying to first fit in with the neanderthal tribe and then find her place in the world outside of that tribe.  The stories are well written and the descriptions of the thought processes and beliefs of the neanderthals is interestingly plausible.  The setting is richly detailed, allowing the reader to get lost in a past world.  Auel obviously did a great deal of research in creating these books, while taking minor liberties where she can.  It is occasionally jarring to see modern terms used for the plant and animal life, but otherwise Auel takes great care to craft the language of the people in terms of the times.  As with many of the books on this list, they have been banned for casual depictions of sex acts.  Auel even talks about the lack of inhibitions among the people, noting that sex is a natural thing for them.  The sex scenes in the first book are not gratuitous but the sex in subsequent books made me wonder when the author started writing romance novels.

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