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Banned Book Review: Goosebumps (series)

November 3, 2005

Note:  Yes, I’m aware that there is a break in the numbering.  I’ll explain in depth later.

16. Goosebumps (Series) by R.L. Stine

Reason:  described as satanic, violent and disturbing

By the time Goosebumps started coming out, I was already reading Stephen King.  So I never really got into the series.  Reading these books was very much like reading The Cat Who series.  The stories are formulaic, the characters are pretty flat, and generally the setting is described in the same language from book to book.  Which can be comforting to a kid with a short attention span, I suppose.  Just about every character is 11 years old, having trouble with his siblings, and reluctant to discuss the weird goings-on with adults.  Some of the descriptions can be a little squicky, but no worse than the ones in the Scary Stories series.  Recommended for 9-12.

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