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Banned Book Review: The Giver

November 2, 2005

14. The Giver by Lois Lowry

Reason:  concerned with murder, suicide, and the degradation of motherhood and adolescence

Sometimes I wonder when people decide to ban these books if they have even bothered to read them until the end.  Yet again we have a book banned for the themes that it later shows to be wrong and reprehensible.  The Giver is about a society that has removed all differences from all people and instituted a world of sameness.  No one is special, no one is unique, and much of the world is gray.  When some of the more reprehensible practices of the society are revealed, the main character is horrified and saddened.  Through the Giving, the main character feels longing for the world in which families are closer and there is one day in the year when each person is singled out as unique and special.  All of the things which are mentioned as reasons to ban the book are, in the end, the reasons that the main character decides to take a risk and try to change the society he lives in.

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