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Banned Book Review: Forever

October 19, 2005

8. Forever by Judy Blume

Reason:  Graphic descriptions of sex acts

Ah, Judy Blume at last.  For those who only remember Judy Blume from her “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” days, you have a whole new Judy Blume to get to know.  Forever is the story of a teenage girl who falls in love for the first time ever and looses her virginity.  And there is no doubt that she’s no longer a virgin.  Judy Blume does not use euphemisms or dance around the subject.  She writes frankly and openly, discussing everything from how the male in the relationship looks naked to the female character’s examination of the hymenal blood.  She writes about condoms, birth control, mutual masturbation, and orgasms.  She also beautifully crafts a lesson on casual sex and giving away your virginity to someone who doesn’t deserve you.  If you are a parent who is squeamish about sex, you won’t want your child to read this book.  If, however, you are a parent who wants a good way to start a discussion on sex and sexual responsibility, I highly recommend you give your child this book to read.

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