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Banned Book Review: Of Mice and Men

October 17, 2005

6.  Of Mice and Men

Reason: Profane language, moral statement, treatment of the retarded, and the ‘violent ending’

I will never understand the banning of a book for the poor treatment of a character, especially when it is discussed in later parts of the book how wrong that poor treatment is.  That’s the point.  It’s a lesson.  The book explores the bond between two men and the pressures of Depression Era America.  Life is cruel, people who should be happy are lonely, and even a crippled black man needs someone to oppress and be cruel to.  The casual cruelties are a stark contrast to the beautiful dreams that each of the characters holds on to.  The story contains repeated themes on destruction, and the ending, while containing violence, does not focus only on the violence.  Generally recommended for high school age and up.

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