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Random Work Phone Conversation #1

March 4, 2004

Oh, the things I put up with….

Caller: “Hi, I’m looking for Dr. Jane Smith-Jones. I tried calling this one number, but she wasn’t there or something, and they gave me this number.”
Me: “Hmmm…. *hunts up a number on the web* Okay. I don’t have a listing for a Dr. Jones, but I do have a Dr. Jane Smith.”
Caller: “Yeah, yeah, yeah…. That sounds right.”
Me: “What number did you call?”
Caller: “Oh I called this number, and got you.”
Me: *pauses to process this answer* “Okay. What number specifically did you call?”
Caller: “Oh, *rattles off main office number*.”
Me: “That’s the main office number. What number did you call?”
Caller: “Oh I called you. The other place gave me this number.”
Me: “They probably gave you this number because it’s the main number and they were hoping I’d have another number for Dr. Smith. What number did you originally call in order to get Dr. Smith?”
Caller: “Oh yeah, right, right. *rattles off another number*”
Me: “That is the only number I have for Dr. Smith.”
Caller: “Uh yeah. Where are you at, The East Building?”
Me: *wondering if Caller is going to ask that I go looking for Dr. Smith* “No, this is the buisness office in the West building.”
Caller: “On the third floor?”
Me: “Yes sir.”
Caller: “See, I remember this stuff, I went to school there.”
Me: *having also gone to school here and never having been in this building before interview, pauses too long to consider what to say before Caller heads off into No Man’s Land*
Caller: “Right okay, who all’s there?”
Me: *blanking* “I’m sorry?”
Caller: “Who all’s still there?”
Me: *wonders if caller wants her to rattle off a list of profs*
Caller: “There’s Dr. Jacob, right, is he still there?”
Me: “Yes sir.” *goes hunting for number, just in case*
Caller: “And Dr. Williams, and Dr. James. Oh, and Dr. Frank? He retired, right?”
Me: *having only been here a month* “Yes sir, I believe so.”
Caller: “And what about Dr. Johns, didn’t he retire?”
Me: “I don’t have a listing for Dr. Johns.” *Trying to figure out the appropriate way to ask what the hell Caller wants*
Caller: “Right, yeah, okay, well, I have Dr. Smith’s e-mail address, I guess I’ll just get in touch with her that way. Thanks, bye.” *hangs up*
Me: *blinks at the phone, still not sure what the hell caller wanted*

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